Here Is If You Should Buy Runes In Elden Ring Or Not

March 5, 2022

Elden Ring, relies a lot on levels, and for that getting runes is the key. That’s why players are wondering if it is actually a good thing to buy runes to make your journey easier.

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Recently, a number of listings have shown up on eBay where players are selling runes. But is it actually worth buying runes?

Should you buy runes and will it get you banned?

The short answer is no, you should not buy runes at any cost. First of all, it doesn’t make sense at all to buy runes. The reason for that is that there are tons of easy ways to farm runes super early in the game as well. For instance, the Lenne’s Rise area in the Greyroll Dragonbarrow region of the game has an insanely easy farming spot. All you need to do is go on your horse from the site of grace downwards, and you will see a boulder following you. Turn around and let the boulder fall, and you get free 2000 runes. Fast travel back to Lenne’s, rinse and repeat.


There is also a chance of the boulder being shiny if you are farming at night, and that could get you 10k runes. This hardly takes 10 seconds to do, and you can farm like 10k runes a minute. If it is this easy, why should you even waste a penny on buying runes? Moreover, if you are in mid-game, there is an even better way, known as the xQc farm. This is in the Deeproot Depths area, and here you need to kill two enemies for 7k runes. This method can fetch you 14k runes a minute.

Secondly, buying runes isn’t worth it because it can get you banned. This goes against Bandai Namco’s policies, so if you get caught, you will end up getting banned in the game which will not be a pleasant experience at all.

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