Here is Whether Genshin Impact Has a Valentine's Day Event or Not

miHoYo will soon publish new Valentine's Day artwork

February 5, 2022

We’ve entered February and are getting closer to Valentine’s Day 2022 on the 14th, and many Genshin Impact fans are wondering if a special Event will be held in-game for the occasion, with rewards and gifts from the characters, maybe even Primogems.

Celebrating real-life Events and holidays in-game is a staple of Japanese-stylized Gacha games. They will hold Events for Valentine’s Day, White Day, Halloween, Christmas, and celebrate the game’s half anniversary and birthday. However, Genshin Impact is an exception to the rule and rarely does things the way other gacha games do.

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Here is whether miHoYo planned a Genshin Impact Valentine’s Day 2022 in-game Event or not

miHoYo did not announce a Valentine’s Day Event on the latest live stream and has no plans to hold one. There was no Valentine’s Event in Genshin Impact in 2021, and there are none planned in 2022 either. However, miHoYo through its socials and the hoYoLAB forums should share exclusive Valentine’s Day artwork soon.

In Japan, Valentine’s Day has women giving chocolate to others. While Genshin Impact is technically a Chinese game, it’s a Japanese-stylized game, so miHoYo published in 2021 artwork of the Genshin Impact female characters giving out chocolate.

Artwork for Keqing and Ganyu were shared in 2021, so we should expect two different female characters to get new artwork in 2022. Seeing Keqing and Ganyu are both Liyue characters, Mondstadt or Inazuma characters should be appearing this year instead. Which characters do you think will get Valentine’s Day artwork this year? Tell us in the comments below!

Genshin Impact Version 2.5 will add a new character, Yae Miko, and launch on PlayStation, PC, and Mobile this February 16.

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