Here's a Summary of the Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct, Now With Video

By Allisa James

August 4, 2014

If you missed the Hyrule Warriors themed Nintendo Direct, here’s a summary of all the major information, along with the entire Direct video below that.

  • Combat is based of Dynasty Warriors and simple attacks can be used to defeat enemies. Of course, allies and troops will accompany you and fight foes on the field as well.
  • For stronger foes and bosses, however, combos aren’t enough to assure victory. One major strategy Must lock on with L and find an opening. Many gameplay elements are based off The Legend of Zelda series. Bombs, used to destroy rocks and damage enemies, can be used immediately. There are keeps (bases) and by taking over a keep you can increasing your ally troops. Expanding territory is key to victory.
  • Victory conditions constantly changes just as in Dynasty Warriors, which reflects enemy appearances new unlocked goals during battle. Once a stage is complete, you earn Rupees and other materials and the time it took to clear is displayed. You can acquire other items such as arrows, use the hookshot to climb walls. These items are also key to defeating boss.
  • Each level requires strategy to explore and traverse and may also require the clever use of items.
  • Cuckoos make a return and while you can attack and enrage them, they can also be used to fight enemies and turn the tides of battle.
  • Bombchus are back and they’re huge and incredibly powerful. Chain Chomps from the Mario franchise makes an appearance as a weapon, as a reference to that one time it was included in a Legend of Zelda title as a joke.
  • The moon from Majora’s Mask can be grabbed with the hookshot and pulled down on enemies.
  • Special attacks defeat large groups of enemies but there is an even stronger attack than that, called Focus Spirit. Focus Spirit is used by filling the magic gauge, which occurs during battle when you attack, This ultimate move is incredibly powerful and should be used at the right moment, along with specials.
  • Areas from the series such as Skyloft (Skyward Sword), Lake Hylia (Ocarina of Time) and Twilight Field (Twilight Princess) will be included as stages. More stages, mainly from these three games, will also be included.
  • When you receive materials after battle, you can use them to craft badges which enhances weapons and can even imbue them with skills, such as increased attack damage and increased chance of finding hearts. Weapons can also be fused with other weapons to make them stronger.
  • Adventure Mode has been revealed, but nothing was stated on whether it an online mode as of now. Players traverse through a based overworld map, which has a distinctive old-school Legend of Zelda graphical style. Each grid must be conquered, which is done by going on a Hyrule Warriors styled field and defeating all enemies. Once that mission is cleared, the adjacent grids on the overworld map are unlocked and you continue from there. This mode will unlock new characters, including those not announced yet.
  • Two player co-op can be played, which uses the Gamepad screen and TV screen as two separate screens for the players. The resolution is reduced slightly in this mode in order to keep gameplay running smoothly. Off-screen play is supported for single-player mode.
  • All villains have been confirmed to be playable in Hyrule Warriors, which is a staple of Dynasty Warriors titles.
  • The North American release date has been confirmed for September 26th.
  • The Japanese DLC packs have been confirmed for the West as well. More information on retailers and pricing will be revealed at a later date.

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