Here’s Your First Glimpse on Final Fantasy XV’s Gorgeous Technical Experiments Running on GTX 1080ti

Here’s Your First Glimpse on Final Fantasy XV’s Gorgeous Technical Experiments Running on GTX 1080ti

Square Enix finally shows the first look on the technical experiments run by the FInal Fantasy XV team using the game as a development environment.

During a panel at Game Developers Conference 2017 in San Francisco, that DualShockers attended, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata shared a video glimpse on the technical experiments conducted at Square Enix Business Division 2 using Final Fantasy XV as a development environment.

We already wrote about these experiments last month when we were given a chance to get a sneak peek at Square Enix headquarters in Tokyo, and finally we’re able to give you all a  glimpse. While filming was not allowed, you can find plenty of pictures of the video at the bottom of the post.

At the moment is team is working on three big fields: procedural, AI and destruction. They’re collaborating very closely with the Nvidia Game Works team.

Incidentally, Tabata-san talked more in detail about one of the elements the team is working on. In the gallery you’ll see a battle against a monster, intended to show the monster’s battle algorithm, that analyzes the player’s combat patterns and learns from them, dictating the monster’s action based on what the player’s battle behavior.

This goal is a completely new challenge for the Final Fantasy XV team, and they’re open to collaborate with other teams on the project.

The video was captured from a PC equipped with one of the newly-announced Nvidia GTX 1080ti video cards, but it’s relevant to mention once more that we’re looking at technical experiments, and not at an actual product in development. This shouldn’t be intended as the announcement or confirmation of a PC version of the game.

Interestingly, when we saw one of the technical experiments running at Square Enix’s headquarters in Tokyo, the rig was equipped with two Pascal GTX 1080 video cards in SLI. Looks like a single 1080 ti is enough.

You can check out the whole gallery below.

[On-location reporting: Azario Lopez]