Here’s How a PS4 Demo Unit Looks as it Glitches, Gets Hard Reset, Does a Safe Mode Check and Boots Up

on November 11, 2013 4:28 PM

Console demo units lead a harsh life. Not only they have to run non final, often glitchy software and a makeshift user interface that has very little to to with the final one, but they also get to run all day for twelve hours a day in the hands of store clerks with little training on how to use and maintain them.

The PS4 demo station we’re going to see here is one of such units, and in the video you can check out below, courtesy of YouTube userĀ Patrick B, it’s indeed having a hard time. First it glitches, remaining stuck in the Knack demo with the players unable to get back to the dashboard. Then the GameStop clerk unceremoniously gives it a hard reset, and it finally boots up after a safe mode check.

It also takes quite a bit to boot up, but this shouldn’t be cause of concern, as Shuhei Yoshida already said over twitter, while commenting about a similar (but much less detailed) video, that retail units will take a lot less to turn on.

As usual remember that this kind of demo stations are not representative of a final product, and work in much harsher operational conditions than your living room, so enjoy the video as a curiosity, because it’s very doubtful that you’re going to see the same thing at home.

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