Here’s How inFAMOUS: Second Son Looks on PS Vita via Remote Play; Sucker Punch: “it’s Phenomenal”

Here’s How inFAMOUS: Second Son Looks on PS Vita via Remote Play; Sucker Punch: “it’s Phenomenal”

Between all the inFAMOUS: Second Son pictures leaked by many over the past few days, there was something missing, a glimpse on how the game looks on PS Vita via remove play. Today we can finally catch that glimpse thanks to NeoGAF user Magicman103, that posted a picture of it. You can check it out at the bottom of the post.

He also gave some first impressions:

Well remote play has never worked amazingly with my connection so im not the best judge of that.
I will say that it is certainly playable and it is certainly awesome!
The controls are also great too.

Sucker Punch Co-founder Chris Zimmermann also gave some insight on how the game works with the remote play feature during the latest Podcast Beyond on IGN.

We kinda worried about it later. You have to think about it a little bit, obviously because the controls are slightly different. They’ve done some clever things in the way remote play works, so it’s not so hard from the standpoint of a game developer like us.

In fact it was kinda magical, you know, to have the the game running and then remote play worked well enough for us to give it a try and it basically worked out of the box. Basically you just plug it in and play remote. It’s really cool actually.

And it works. You’re like… Is it gonna be laggy… Is it gonna be the same experience. It is… it’s Phenomenal actually how close it is to just sitting in front of a TV and playing on that PS4.

Miller continued by confirming that the studio didn’t change much for remote play, just adding some dedicated button maps, while no special interface was created.

I leave you with the picture of the game on the Vita just below. One thing is for sure: Magicman103 shows some good taste with that skin.