Here’s how inFAMOUS: Second Son’s Moral Choices and UI Look; Plus Spectacular Bonus Animated GIFs

Here’s how inFAMOUS: Second Son’s Moral Choices and UI Look; Plus Spectacular Bonus Animated GIFs

inFAMOUS: Second Son has a pretty complex Good vs Evil system named Karma, and yesterday we saw a lot of what it looks like thanks to a livestream on Destructoid, starring Sucker Punch Productions Co-Founder Chris Zimmerman. Be warned that this post includes mild spoilers, so if you want to avoid them, you can just skip all the way to the bottom to the animated GIFs.

Here’s a few pictures of the most relevant Karmic elements we’ve seen yesterday, and a few more interesting details.

First of all, important story choices will be selected in this way. It’s worth mentioning that your controller light will change between red and blue depending on whether you’re evil or good.




After having made your choices, you’ll make more directly while fighting. During ranged combat you can headshot enemies or restrain them (by hitting them on their feet). The first is an evil option and will obliterate them, the second is a good option. This works both in melee and with ranged combat. In melee you’ll have to press triangle or square to make the choice. In the second picture below you can also see the Karma bomb growing when you’re good, performing a streak of good actions. If you do one evil action in between, you lose your progression.





If you’re evil your “rage” gauge will look like this:


When you completed seven actions of the right alignment in a row, this is what the gauges will look like: 




We also learn that the neon Karma Bomb is called Radiant Sweep, while the smoke one is named Orbital Drop. Incidentally, you can steer in the air while performing the Orbital Drop.

At times you also get special executions that are tied to your karma alignment and don’t have an alternative.


You’re also able to silence activist groups when you’re evil, and you can decide if to heal or execute innocent civilians:


Moving on from moral choices, these are the indicators that you can drain a power:



Some missions will require you to perform special actions, like search for drugs, open doors to release hostages, or mark a target for destruction with Delsin’s graffiti:




When you drop in the water, you’ll be prompted to return to the dry ground, unlike previous inFAMOUS games, where you just died.


When you enter an area you also see the percentage of DUP control on it:


And finally, here’s how the game will tell you that you abandoned a mission objective or you failed a mission (in this case it’ll reset).



As an additional bonus, below you can see a rather spectacular gallery of animated gameplay GIFs from the livestreams on GameSpot and IGN, courtesy of Reddit user Usagiman. Hopefully they’ll help carry you over to March 21st. Give them time to load, because they’re pretty large files.