Here’s How the PS4 Looks When a Game Crashes

Here’s How the PS4 Looks When a Game Crashes

A couple weeks ago we shown you how the screen of an Xbox One looks when it fails to launch a game, today we can show you something pretty much equivalent on the other side of the next generation competition: how the screen of a PS4 looks when a game (in this case Battlefield 4) crashes.

You can check it out below, courtesy of Twitter user MRCalderon3D. The picture was taken at Madrid Games Week, that opened its gates to Spanish gamers today.

As we always say when we showcase this kind of errors, it should not be taken as a sign that the console has any kind of widespread problems. Demo stations run in rough operational conditions that don’t really reflect what would happen in a normal household, and the crashing software is not the final game. Occasional problems of this kind are pretty normal.

It’s actually interesting to notice that this kind of crash (that seems to be more of a problem with the game itself) doesn’t freeze the console, but you can still operate it without having to reboot the whole machine.