Here's How To Get Amy in Sonic Speed Simulator

May 15, 2022

Recently, the official Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator received a huge update which introduced Amy Rose. Check out this article if you want to obtain her as we discuss how to get Amy Rose in Sonic Speed Simulator.

Sonic Speed Simulator is known for its special in-game characters and lately, a bunch of new characters have been making their way to the rosters. Amy is just like other characters in-game who can be obtained by completing certain tasks.

In addition to Amy, the latest update also adds Lemon Lime Chao and Cherry Chao and important bug and performance fixes. It also has a new story where you have to rescue Amy from Clutches of Eggman.

Well, if you’re unknown to Amy Rose, she is an original character from the Sonic Series who is king and caring. She also has special abilities that allow her to get into fights and tackle enemies.

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How to get Amy in Sonic Speed Simulator

Sonic Speed Simulator has started a new event where you can get Amy Rose in exchange for 5000 Pink Crystal. Now, the question is how to get these crystals and are there any prerequisites to participate in the event. Worry not, take a look below as we have described the entire step to get your hands on those exclusive crystals.

Before you start collecting the crystals, first head to the events page where you get all the information related to the challenge of getting Amy Rose along with the rewards which are available with it.

How to get Pink Crystals

In order to get the Pink Crystals, you will have to collect them by moving around the places. These Pink Crystals spawn in an equal interval and can be recollected. Places such as the Hills have a lot of them and can be collected in a single run.

You can always stay at one place and wait for the crystals to respawn, but we advise you to trawl around the map and explore different places as the respawn rates are not the same everywhere. Most importantly, the level doesn’t play any part in this event.

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Note that, the event is time-limited and collecting the crystals might take a good amount of time. So, start the event as soon as possible and keep a track of the Pink Crystals collected with the help of the bar on the left side of the screen.

That’s all for the guide on how to get Amy in Sonic Speed Simulator. We also have detailed tips and tricks on other games in our Guides section, make sure you visit it. 

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