Here’s How To Solo Destiny’s Nightfall Strike This Week: Kill the Nexus All On Your Own

Here’s How To Solo Destiny’s Nightfall Strike This Week: Kill the Nexus All On Your Own

Finding a party to beat the weekly Nightfall Strike in Destiny may be a hassle for some. Luckily, if you’re good and equipped the right way, you can most definitely face the challenge solo and emerge victorious.

This is especially true this week, as the strike selected by Bungie is “The Nexus,” which happens to be one of the easiest.

First of all, preparation is the key. This week the nightfall strike has the “Void Burn” modifier. This means that Void weapons will deal a metric ton of damage whatever the source, including you.

My void equipment definitely isn’t as good as my arc weapons used last week. I used a legendary sniper rifle and a legendary machine gun. Both of them weren’t even close to being maxed. If I managed with these, you can as well.

SoloWeapons (2) SoloWeapons (1)

If you have access to a build that comes with void-based grenades, like for instance a Titan Defender, definitely use that one, but it isn’t really necessary. Heavy ammo synthesis will also help, but this time around you shouldn’t need more than one.

The first area is basically the only big battle you’ll have to face. Use the hallway you came from as a safe area, and when the Fallen enemies start to press you too much, just fall back behind the bend and regroup. Ammo really shouldn’t be a problem here. if you run out you can just walk all the way back to the initial area and slaughter trash for a couple minutes to rearm.

Fallen enemies will come at you in waves, as you can see in the video below. Just snipe them from afar, making sure not to overextend. The only ones which will require more than one hit are the Captain, a few Shanks and the three Servitors you have to kill. It’s really easy.

After you kill the last servitor, just hang back for a few seconds. Three melee Vandals will charge towards you from the stairs. If they catch you by surprise they can be dangerous, but if you wait them out, they’ll have to cross the large open area and they’ll be sitting ducks.

Run upstairs, and you’ll find yourself at the entrance of a room rather crowded with enemies with a walkway on the other side you need to reach. You can clean the walkway with grenades, and if you want to be safe clean downstairs as well from outside.

After you feel safe, just jump on the walkway and proceed. Now just ignore enemies for a while. There’s just a small group of dregs and vandals on the way in a narrow hallway that you can kill if you want to make things easier, but otherwise just run and jump to avoid enemy fire.

As you enter the large cave with minotaurs and hobgoblins, run past that one as well, but be aware that a large group of goblins will appear right at the exit blocking your way. Trying to force your way through them is potentially very bad for your health, so chuck a grenade at them as soon as you see them, and squish yourself into the corner on the left in order to avoid return fire and some random shots from the minotaurs. After the grenade explodes there should be few goblins left. Mow down a couple to leave enough room for you to run through and do so.

Past the dark cave, you’ll find yourself facing a large group of goblins. They aren’t too dangerous, but don’t overextend and backpedal if they get too close or you get severely wounded. The dark cave is a safe area, so if you’re in trouble withdraw  there, heal and then attack again.

The boss fight can be tricky, but only if you don’t know what to do. It can also be cheesed in a myriad of ways, but keeping things simple as explained below is safer in my opinion. First and foremost, use a heavy ammo synthesis and load your machine gun.Then inch at the top of the cliff without falling and start killing the minotaurs downstairs.

After about 6 shots (this is a conservative estimate, but in this case being slow and careful will save your life) turn around and walk a bit away from the edge of the precipice. Wait for the Axis minotaur to appear and slaughter him with grenades and your machine gun. Then turn around and kill the remaining minotaurs downstairs. Repeat the process as many times as you need for the Nexus to appear.

When it does, kill the axis minotaur that will appear behind you, then kneel at the edge and snipe the Nexus’ face  (it’s fairly easy to spot). Empty your magazine, then turn around, wait for the Axis minotaur and kill him. Rinse and repeat until the Nexus dies. Just be careful about the Nexus’ cannon. Pull back and heal early if it starts getting you too close to death. By inching towards the precipice until you can barely snipe him you should be able to avoid most damage.

If you’re close to running out of ammo, the minotaurs you’ll kill should provide plenty.

And that’s it. After you kill the Nexus you’ll have beat another Nightfall Strike on your own. Congratulations!