Here's How You Change Your Party in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Expect to visit Pastures and base camps frequently.

January 28, 2022

Diving into Pokemon Legends: Arceus will not carry the same familiarity as playing one of Nintendo’s remakes, as various changes have been implemented to enhance the authenticity of the game’s era.

To help players digest the new ways of working within this chapter, we highlight how you go about changing the Pokemon of your party.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be set within an ancient expanse of the Sinnoh region, where your task will be to “survey, catch, and research the wild Pokemon of the long-gone era” and complete the Pokedex at hand with a handful of new mechanics to set this game apart from the classics.

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How to Change Your Party

In order to change the Pokemon in your party, you first must locate one of the Pastures within the game.

Unlike past Pokemon games that allow you to search through your inventory of pocket monsters and select which ones you want to bring on your journey, Pokemon Legends: Arceus requires you to visit a Pasture in order to pick up and drop off your Pokemon.

The first Pasture you will come by is located across the south bridge in Jubilife Village, where Marie will greet you.

In addition to using Pastures to swap Pokemon in your Party, base camps will also be available to you in the wild lands, where the same procedure can be performed.


Pastures are special plots of land in the Hisui region used to harbor Pokemon and looks similar in design to a ranch.

Pokemon can be seen roaming around the fenced areas with minders close by to keep an eye on them and deal with your requests.

Players are correct to compare Pastures to Pokemon Boxes, introduced in previous games. However, Pastures present a more humane and visually pleasing alternative to “storing” your beloved pocket monsters.

Image from The Pokemon Company / Nintendo.
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Similar to the above alternative – and since Pokemon Centers have not been created in the Hisui region yet – players will have to use base camps to heal their Pokemon.

All you need to do is simply speak to the attendant at the camp’s gate in order to heal yourself and your Pokemon party back to full health.

In addition to serving as a rest point, base camps will also be the location you regenerate at after losing all of your health in the wild.

Image from The Pokemon Company / Nintendo.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available worldwide.

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