Here’s How You’ll Launch PS4 Remote Play On Your PS Vita

on November 5, 2013 3:48 PM

Yesterday we reported that Sony’s PlayStation Vita finally received it’s huge three dot zero (3.00) update which would get it primed for the launch of PS4. What we didn’t know is ¬†how we would get the remote play functionality to work with the new console. Luckily, SCE released a new clip to show us exactly that.

It’s a lot slicker than I thought it would be and it only involves pausing the game on the big screen and launching the new PS4 app (part of the 3.00 update) on the Vita. The clip features first party games Knack, #Driveclub, and Killzone: Shadow Fall, as well as third party games, Battlefield 4, Watch_Dogs, and Fifa all using the functionality. It’s nice to see that real remote play is only 10 days away. Check out the full clip below to see for yourself. And if you’ll excuse me, I got a Vita that needs updating.

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