Here's If Billy Butcher Can Defeat Homelander In The Boys

Billy has become powerful than before.

June 3, 2022

Billy finally decides to use Compound V and gain superpowers like the Supes. But with his new superpowers, has Billy Butcher become powerful enough so he can defeat Homelander in The Boys?

Billy would be the toughest one out of all the characters in The Boys if we had to pick one. Unlike Supes, he didn’t own any superhuman powers, but he still stood straight against anything he didn’t agree to. In fact, we have seen this man actually hurting and taking down the superheroes. With Hugie’s help, Billy captured Translucent, one of the strongest being alive, and he quickly figured out how to deal with his diamond-hard body. Black Noir and Homelander had their share of roughness with Billy as well.


Although Billy hates Vought International, a corporation behind the origin of The Seven, the greatest share of his hatred goes for Homelander. Of course, Homelander’s physical abuse of Billy Butcher’s wife is the reason for such a strong animosity. He is so determined to kill Homelander that he creates a group of potent vigilantes, The Boys. And now, he has taken the Compound V himself to become strong enough to fight him and the other Supes. No doubt, Billy has become immensely strong after consuming Compound V, but is he strong enough to handle Homelander?

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Can Billy Butcher Defeat Homelander After Gaining The New Powers?

When it comes to intelligence, not just Homelander but no one can surpass Billy. Without having any powers at all, he had been able to lead The Boys and expose the dark secrets of Supes multiple times. But, being an excellent strategist and leader and having manipulative skills are not enough for Billy to take down Homelander. But now, after consuming Compound V, is Billy any match to Homelander’s strength?

There’s no doubt that Billy Butcher has become incredibly strong after taking Compound V. And might easily defeat some of the strongest Supes with his new powers. His body has become strong enough for the bullets to penetrate it, as seen in the fight against Gunpowder. His heat vision power is similar to that of Homelander, cutting anything in half with a mere look. But despite everything Billy has right now, he isn’t strong enough to defeat Homelander in a straight fight.

Unlike Billy, Homelander gained his power when he was a kid, so he has full control over his powers. He can run at super high speeds, enough to break the sound barrier. With no fatigue chemicals produced while doing physical activity, he has unlimited stamina. This lets him fight his enemy for a long, long time. Superhuman hearing, superhuman smell, X-Ray vision, heat vision, ability to fly, microscopic and telescopic vision, and high combat skills make him nearly undefeatable.

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Although Billy might not be able to defeat Homelander in a one-on-one fight, he will definitely come up with great plans to overpower him. If you have seen the third episode of season 3, he is currently after a weapon named Supe Gun which might kill Homelander. Side by side, he is learning to control and know his new powers as well. It would be interesting to see how far the makers take Billy’s hatred to defeat the strongest character of the show.

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