Here's If Butcher Gets Superpowers in 'The Boys'

The official trailer for The Boys Season 3 is out.

March 12, 2022

After a long wait, Amazon Prime Video finally dropped a new trailer for The Boys Season 3. After watching the trailer, fans wonder if William “Billy” Butcher gets superpowers in the comic series. Well, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Based on a comic book series of the same name, The Boys is a popular Tv show developed by Eric Kripke. The first season of the show dropped in 2019, and its gory and violent nature grabbed everyone’s attention. Honestly, the show is unlike any other superhero show we’ve seen on television.

Amazon renewed The Boys for a third season back in July 2020, and after a long wait, we finally have a new trailer for the upcoming season.

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Butcher’s Powers in The Boys Season 3 Explained

In the official trailer of The Boys Season 3, we can see the glowing eyes of Butcher. So, it’s clear that Billy will get some powers in the upcoming season. With that, there’s a high chance that other members of the group, including Mother’s Milk, Hughie, and Frenchie, may also get some powers in the show.

Warning: This section contains some spoilers from The Boys comic books.

In The Boys comic book series, Butcher does get powers after using Compound V. It’s the same serum that Vought International uses to make normal human beings into Supes.

Butcher was already a skilled fighter, but thanks to Compound V, he gets superhuman strength. Billy gets strong enough to kill anyone with his bare hands and kill anyone with merely a headbutt. In fact, he uses his raw strength to shove a crowbar into Stormfront’s throat in the comics. On top of that, Butcher gets powerful enough to withstand brutal hits and he even survives grenade blasts (Via: The Boys Fandom).

Both in the comic book and Tv show, The Boys had access to Compound V. And it only makes sense for Butcher and other members to level the field by enhancing their physical abilities.

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