Here’s If Salt and Sacrifice Has a Coop/Multiplayer Features

May 9, 2022

The release of Salt and Sacrifice, a side-scrolling RPG by Ska Studios is just around the corner. Like every other RPG, the multiplayer option is an important feature. Check this article to know more if Salt and Sacrifice has a coop/multiplayer feature.

Salt and Sacrifice is an upcoming sequel to the Salt and Sanctuary that’s all set to release on the 10th of May 2022. The game is all about, pursuing and hunting down the evil mages throughout the journey.

As a Marked Inquisitor, you have extra skills and abilities to learn new weapon skills and of course the powerful runic arts. Once you defeat a powerful boss, you can easily grab their skills and weapon to master them and add them to your inventory permanently.

Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at whether Salt and Sacrifice has a coop/multiplayer feature.

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Is there a coop/multiplayer feature in Salt and Sacrifice

Yes, Salt and Sacrifice has a coop/multiplayer feature and is confirmed by the developers. There are two ways of using the multiplayer feature, the first one is Local coop/multiplayer and the other one is Online coop/multiplayer. If you need help in using the features, we have detailed the steps below on how you can easily use them.

How to use the Local and Online multiplayer/coop feature

We will divide the steps into two parts, make sure you follow them carefully to enable the features.


  • First off, log into the game and wait for the menu to appear.
  • Tap any button on the homescreen, where a new menu on the left side of the screen appears
  • Select the New Game option and create a new character
  • Then follow the steps that you did while creating your own main character


  • In order to use the Online Multiplayer feature, you must complete the tutorial. The online multiplayer feature doesn’t have a option to invite the players from the homescreen, so you have to invite them after starting the game
  • Right after starting the game, head to Partner’s Veil and locate the Cooperation Board
  • Use the board and create a Lobby by spending Runes
  • Once you create a lobby, set a code and share it with your friend to join in-game
  • You can also, join other’s lobby by selecting the Join option inside the board
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