Here's If Who Killed Sara will Get a Season 4

It's the end of the road for Who Killed Sara.

May 18, 2022

Netflix recently released the much-awaited Season 3 of “Who Killed Sara,” the Mexican thriller series that premiered back in March 2021. The third season features a lot of exciting twists, and after a long journey, we finally learn who actually killed Sara Guzman. However, after watching the latest episodes, fans are eager to learn if the Spanish-language series will get a season 4.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the latest season of Who Killed Sara

Created by José Ignacio Valenzuela, “Who Killed Sara” featured the journey of Alex Guzman. Alex spent 18 years in jail for the murder of his sister, Sara Guzman. However, Alex wasn’t actually responsible for Sara’s death, so after getting released from the prison, he decides to find out what really happened to Sara. The second season led us to believe that it was Marifer who killed Sara, but season 3 had a different story to tell.

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In the third season, we learn that Sara didn’t die because of the parachute incident all those years ago. Dr. Reinaldo used Sara as a test subject at the Medusa facility, where he experimented on her with the hope of finding a “cure” for homosexuality. However, Sara got sick of becoming a test subject, and she found a knife at the facility. She later used that knife to kill herself, so it was, in fact, Sara’s decision to end her life.

Of course, after learning this, Alex beats Reinaldo to death; however, Cesar Lazcano takes the blame for the doctor’s death. That’s because Cesar had pancreatic cancer, so he didn’t know how it will take for the illness to catch up to him. So, Cesar decides to use the remainder of his life in jail to give Alex a second chance.

‘Who Killed Sara’ Season 4 Won’t Happen

As the ending of season 3 suggests, it is the end of the road for the Mexican tv show. Every character in Who Killed Sara got closure. We learned the circumstances under which Sara decided to kill herself. Dr. Reinaldo, the person responsible for destroying several people’s life for his sick agenda, got the punishment he deserved. After spending crucial years of his life in jail, Alex finally learns the truth about his sister and gets his vengeance.

On top of that, we also learn that Sara had a daughter, as she was pregnant during the parachute fall. Her daughter was rescued from the Medusa facility, thanks to Alex’s actions. In short, the season delivered a spectacular ending to Sara’s story.

So, it’s best not to look forward to any further announcements around the show’s renewal for Season 4. In fact, Netflix advertised Season 3 as the final season of Who Killed Sara.

Of course, it’s heartbreaking that we won’t get another season of this incredible show. However, we should be delighted that Who Killed Sara is one of those rare Netflix shows that got an ending it deserved.

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