Here’s Some Better Heavy Rain Box Art

on February 25, 2010 6:09 PM

Here's Some Better Heavy Rain Box ArtYou remember the first Heavy Rain box art that was released, with the large origami bird on the front?  The European and Japanese box art is similar.  That was cool, elusive, stylish.  Us here in North America, though, ended up with that cool origami figure pushed out of focus, to be replaced by an oversized graphic of the four main characters.  Madison Paige, oh how I adore your ample digital bosom, but you on the box art just isn’t as cool as the origami figure.  If you guys feel the same way, you’re in luck!

Sony promised that we would get a printable piece of box art that we can use to replace the Americanized spew that comes with a retail copy, and they are a company of their word, in this case.  Here’s the link to download it from Flickr, compliments of Sony.  Note that you will likely have to resize it to print it out at the dimensions specified within the image.  Enjoy!

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