Here's When Sonic 2 Might Release on Paramount Plus

Let's hope the rumor is true.

May 23, 2022

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 arrived in the US theatres on April 8th, 2022, and the movie was well-received by the community. However, several fans who didn’t get the chance to watch Sonic 2 in theatres are waiting for it to hit the streaming service.

Paramount Pictures’ Sonic 2 was special for video game enthusiasts, especially because it introduced us to Knuckles and Tails. As expected, Ben Schwartz again left us speechless with his performance as Sonic. However, Idris Alba and Colleen O’Shaughnessey’s voice-over for Knuckles and Tails was the major takeaway from the movie. Obviously, the sequel wasn’t perfect, but it did improve upon the first movie by being more faithful to the source material.


While Sonic 2 has a critic rating of 69% on Rotten Tomatoes, the audience gave it a near-perfect rating of 96% with over 5000+ votes. So, it’s no shocker that several fans are now waiting to stream the movie from the comfort of their homes.

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Sonic 2 Might Arrive on Paramount Plus This Tuesday

Similar to almost every Paramount Picture release, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will be available to stream exclusively on Paramount Plus. Most Paramount films arrive on the streaming host 45 days after their theatrical release. So, some rumors state that Sonic 2 will arrive on the streaming service on May 24th, 2022.

If the rumor’s true, then you can stream the movie in the US this Tuesday at 12 AM PDT (Pacific Timing), which is the usual time when Paramount Plus updates the library with new releases. However, it’s important to note that Paramount Pictures hasn’t officially confirmed the above release date for Sonic 2 for its streaming service.

Nevertheless, we are only a few hours away from the rumored streaming release date for Sonic 2, so we’ll soon see if the rumor is accurate or not.

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