Here's Whether You Can Walk With Pokemon In Legends Arceus

January 28, 2022

Pokemon Legends Arceus has finally made its way to Nintendo Switch, and fans are curious to know whether they will be able to walk with their Pokemon in the game.

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Walking with Pokemon is one of the most favorite features in the Pokemon games, with players always wondering if the option is present in the game. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the main game didn’t allow players to walk with their Pokemon. Fans started to demand the feature, and eventually, with the release of the DLC, this features was made available in the game.

Similarly, in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, players were able to walk with their Pokemon in the game, which is something that fans were quite happy about. Although the feature wasn’t available from the get go, that is, players had to reach a certain point in the story to be able to unlock this feature, it still was quite enjoyable for fans.

Here’s Whether You Can Walk With Pokemon In Legends Arceus

Despite the plethora of new features arriving in the game, Pokemon Legends Arceus will not be allowing players to walk with their Pokemon. From the looks of it, considering how interactive the game is, it seems quite obvious that the game will definitely be having this feature. However, unfortunately, as of now, there is no way players can take their Pokemon out.

It’s quite interesting why the developers omitted this feature, considering it is not a trivial feature as such. In the Pokemon games, fans are always curious to learn whether they can walk with their Pokemon, so it is not something that can be skipped just like that. Whether this game gets the same treatment as Sword and Shield and gets a DLC with this feature later down the line remains to be seen.

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