Hero And Joker Amiibo Pre-Order Pages Are Now Live

Joker and Hero amiibo, the first two for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's DLC fighters, will be available October 2

We recently reported that the release date for the two amiibo for DLC Characters in the first Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter pass, Joker and Hero, would be releasing this upcoming October 2. Of course, the next thing to follow a release date announcement is pre-orders, so it makes sense that listings for the two figures have gone up on Gamestop’s website.

The two pages look extremely similar, mainly because they lack any promotional images. Each lists the correct release date along with the standard amiibo price of $15.99. However, at the moment there isn’t an option to pick up your pre-ordered Joker and Hero amiibo in store. That option is greyed out, leaving potential purchasers with delivery as their only option. At the time of writing, it isn’t clear whether or not people that pre-order these amiibo through Gamestop will be limited to that choice or if curbside pickup will also be an option. If purchased through delivery, you’ll have to wait a bit for your figures – at least five to seven days after their official release.

The release schedule for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo so far has been consistent, although the release dates for Hero and Joker are an aberration. Whereas most amiibo release dates are only two months apart, the gap in between the release of the Joker and Hero amiibo is an entire nine months from the release of the past two, Dark Samus and Richter. It’s not clear why there has been such a large delay when releasing the first two DLC fighters amiibo, although a fair guess would be that the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has somehow affected production. Assuming that the schedule resumes normally, we could potentially be seeing Banjo & Kazooie and Terry amiibo by the end of the year.

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