Hero Missions – Everything We Know About This New Overwatch 2 Mode

Hero Missions – Everything We Know About This New Overwatch 2 Mode

During the latest BlizzVon event, Jeff Kaplan and other Overwatch 2 developers shared tons of new updates on the game, including the Hero Missions game mode.

Last night, Blizzard revealed tons of new details about its upcoming and ongoing projects during BlizzCon 2021. Overwatch 2, obviously, was one of the biggest parts of this event through which we got to learn more about the new features coming to the sequel of one of the world’s most beloved hero-based first-person shooters. Jeff Kaplan, the head of the development team, and some other key members of Blizzard shared their most notable achievements and approaches in Overwatch 2 so far, including a new game mode called Hero Missions.

Simply put, Hero Missions is a PvE game mode where you will team up with a number of your friends to fight against waves of AI-controlled enemies. The mode will be longer than the usual PvP modes and you will get to explore the whole locations of the map until reaching the end of a mission. According to the developers, they are trying to bring hundreds of missions to this mode and they will do it in different ways.

Each mission will require you to accomplish multiple, distinct objectives. All the maps in the Overwatch series will have a certain Hero Mission mode, featuring different types of enemies. In order to make the scale of the maps match the new mode, some locations in the game will receive new, extended areas. Moreover, the game will feature dynamic weather and day & night cycle in the new PvE mode.

Hero Missions is one of the important modes that will allow you to level-up and upgrade the characters you love playing with. So, it’s going to be a really hard approach for the developers to avoid the feeling of grind in the Hero Missions.

Currently, there’s no official release date for Overwatch 2, but the game will likely be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC when it launches.