Heroes & Generals Newest “Felber” Videlog Shows Off Assault Teams, Tanks and… Sidecars?

Heroes & Generals Newest “Felber” Videlog Shows Off Assault Teams, Tanks and… Sidecars?

If there’s one thing you could say about Square Enix and Reto-Moto’s Heroes & Generals beta so far, it’s that the team have certainly been driven in giving players steady content. Be it patches and fixes, updates, or developer diaries, they’ve been really consistent, and today they’re bringing us a videolog on the Felber” update (which you can see below), and focuses on the new assault teams, vehicles, and the presentation of the game.

There are now four Assault classes: Guard, Infantry, Light Armor, and Fighter Squadron. Like most games, XP will be rewarded for doing battle, with more awarded upon victory. The teams will start at a base level of 0, and be promoted to a specialized type of unit with each level gained. Some classes even have multiple branches: Infantry, for example, can only be promoted to “Motorized” on their first level up, but then have the option to upgrade to Paratrooper or Mechanized units on the next. Further progression will be expanded upon in future builds.

There’s also four new vehicles coming to Heroes & Generals:

  • German Panzerkampfwagen I Ausführung A light tank
  • US M5A1 Stuart light tank
  • German Panzerkampfwagen III Ausführung J medium tank
  • German motorcycle with sidecar (obviously the coolest choice).

Finally, the lighting has been improved, and the soundtrack expanded by videogame music composer Jesper Kyd. Now there’s separate themes for both the Germans and the Americans, one of which you’ll hear in the videolog.

Be sure to check out the videolog below, and some new screenshots in the gallery after it. For information on their last update, “Eisenhower,” click here. For a more comprehensive list of every single change that came with Heroes & Generals latest update, check out their website here. If you want to join their Beta, you can find that on their website here. And for more news, stay tuned right here, on DualShockers.com.