Heroes of the Storm Reveals Anduin in New Hero Spotlight

The King of Stormwind joins his father in the Nexus as Anduin Wrynn finally comes to Heroes of the Storm.

April 30, 2019

The King of Stormwind has finally entered the Nexus. Anduin is a much-requested addition to Heroes of the Storm and is joining the game’s Hero line-up today. He is a Ranged Healer who excels at keeping allies alive but can also use the Light to unleash justice on his enemies. Watch him in action below.

Anduin has a very interesting set of abilities for players to experiment with. His kit seems tuned toward a play-making Healer.  Someone who looks to make big moves while also keeping his teammates’ health topped off. His trait, “Leap of Faith” lets Anduin pull an ally to himself, letting him grab someone out of a sticky situation. The opportunities for resetting a fight are immense and high-level players are sure to make great use of the trait.


His “Q” ability is a small heal with a short cooldown. It should greatly increase your team’s sustainability in fights as Anduin can keep teammates topped off while they dole out damage. His “W” is a bolt of light that damages any enemy it hits. After it hits, it will come back in a wave, healing allies for an increased percentage depending on how many enemies it made contact with. This is going to be very helpful in big fights that take place around objectives.

Anduin also has a root as his “E” ability, letting him lock enemies in place for a short time. His two ultimate options are both interesting. One lets you heal and protect any ally around you. The other imbues an ally with light that then explodes and stuns enemies, giving the ally a shield afterward.

Heroes of the Storm may have started to slow down development late last year. However, they are still putting together content that people want. Anduin is yet another fan favorite that you can try out today on PC.


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