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Heroes of the Storm Kicks Off Hero-Mashing Craft Wars Event

The latest Heroes of the Storm event mashes up the game heroes with some of Blizzard's biggest properties. Finally, fans can play as Death Night Mei.

September 8, 2020

Heroes of the Storm may have a reduced staff, but that doesn’t mean they can’t deliver great events, it just means there are less of them. The latest even is called Craft Wars and it mashes together some of Activision-Blizzard’s hottest properties. Unfortunately, the event is mostly just new skins, but those skins are pretty great. You’d love to see a new map or even a new hero; however, getting Gazlowe as an SCV pilot is almost as good, right? Give the event trailer a watch below.

Heroes of the Storm: Craft Wars is, basically, a collection of new skins that feature your favorite heroes mashed up with other properties in the Blizzard line. So, Mei fans can unlock a skin that has her cosplaying as a World of Warcraft Death Night. And Anduin Wrynn can go full pretty boy as he mashes with Starcraft‘s Valerian Mengsk. It’s a fun idea that has some good skins out of the gate with potential for even better ones in the future.

Of course, new skins aren’t exactly game-changing. I mean sure, they look neat, but it’s too bad the even isn’t more substantial. Outside of the skins, players get a new Nexus Anomaly, a new ARAM mode, and changes to ranked seasons. Plus, D.Va and Gazlowe have received full reworks. So, it’s not just new skins, but it does feel lacking when compared to something like the Toys event.

Heroes of the Storm is available now on PC. The Craft Wars event kicks off today.

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