Heroes of the Storm Gets New Patch This Week; Exclusively to Balance Overwatch’s Tracer

on May 3, 2016 11:48 AM

Last month, Blizzard prepared players for the studio’s upcoming shooter Overwatch by including the game’s zippy Tracer as a new hero character in their popular MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, though due to recent developments with her perhaps being a little too effective, the company is releasing a new patch exclusively to balance the Overwatch hero.

In a new update from Blizzard on Battle.net, the studio detailed that a new patch will be coming to Heroes of the Storm tomorrow, May 4th, to address balance and changes with Overwatch‘s Tracer, with her balancing being the only new changes in the upcoming patch.

The studio explained that Tracer is “performing just a little too well on all fronts,” detailing that the patch will lower “her Health, Basic Attack damage,” and provide other changes in order to more effectively balance her character compared to her first release. The full patch notes are available to view below:


  • Health decreased from 1270 (+4% per level) to 1206 (+4% per level).
  • Health Regeneration decreased from 5.25 (+4% per level) to approximately 5.02 (+4% per level) Health per second.
  • Basic Attack damage reduced from 29 (+4% per level) to 27 (+4% per level).
  • Focus Fire (Talent)
    • Final shot damage bonus increased from 30% to 35% of the total magazine’s damage.
  • Locked and Loaded (Talent)
    • Damage bonus increased from 35% to 40%.
  • Melee (W)
    • Pulse Strike (Talent)
      • Pulse Bomb charge bonus increased from 15% to 20%.
  • Recall (E)
    • Cooldown increased from 24 to 26 seconds.
    • Slipstream (Talent)
      • Cooldown reduction decreased from 4 to 2 seconds.

Heroes of the Storm is available for PC and Mac.

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