Heroes of Storm Finally Adds Hogger to the Nexus

Heroes of the Storm gets yet another fan favorite in the Nexus. This time, World of Warcraft old heads can finally jump in as the nightmarish Hogger.

November 23, 2020

Since shutting down the Heroes Global Championship and moving several devs to other projects, Activision-Blizzard has drastically slowed down the cadence of new Heroes of the Storm content. In 2018 alone, the team added nine heroes to the roster. However, over the two years since HGC went away, they’ve only released five more. Of course, that fivesome includes much-requested favorites like Deathwing, Anduin, and Mei. The quantity has dried up, but the quality of choices is still alive and kicking. That’s doubly true today with Blizzard announcing Hogger is finally making his way to the Nexus. Check it out below.

For World of Warcraft originals, Hogger is massive nostalgia hit. As one of the first rare monsters people came across during their journey in Azeroth, Hogger was often a touchstone for early players. Often, players would form raid parties of level one characters to try to take down the massive beast. And it looks like Hogger is taking that cult-status with him to Heroes of the Storm.

In Heroes, Hogger is joining characters like Artanis, Leoric, and Thrall as a Bruiser. As you can see in the video above, he excels at crowd control and burst damage, but lacks top-end mobility. Plus, he can turn into a tornado to cause tons of chaos.

I really love his trait ability Loot Hoard. It lets him toss a pile of junk that turns into terrain for five seconds. This lets him either lock an enemy out of an escape path or create one of his own. Both of his Heroics look handy, but I’ll probably use the Hoardapult in most scenarios. It just looks like so much dumb fun.

Heroes of the Storm is available now on PC. Hogger is available to try on the Public Test Realm, which means he’ll be in the game shortly.

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