Heroes of the Storm Kicks Off Nexomania 2, Adds Mei on June 23

The icy Mei comes to Heroes of the Storm just in time to join in on the always excellent Nexomania II event.

June 15, 2020

Heroes of the Storm is celebrating its fifth birthday this summer. For the festivities, the devs are releasing several new pieces of content. Mei, of Overwatch fame, is set to be the next hero released into the Nexus and the fan-favorite event Nexomania is making a comeback. A few other neat things are happening, but let’s be honest, you just want to see Mei in action. Check out her spotlight video below.

As you might expect, Mei looks like quite the powerhouse. She takes on the role of a tank in Heroes of the Storm and uses exceptional crowd control to dictate the battlefield. Both her ‘Q’ and ‘W’ abilities focus on slowing her enemies, while her ‘E’ has her sliding around the battlefield. It also ends in a massive slow for any enemies nearby, making it a versatile tool for engagement and setting up combos.

Her trait, Cryo-Freeze, heals and shields her, giving her an extra bit of survivability, and her heroics both sound deadly. The first lets her toss out a massive snowball that consumes enemies in its path, hurting and stunning them once they’re spit out. The other sees her laying down an ice wall that creates an impassable surface to trap foes within.

All in all, she sounds like a great hero. As is customary with Overwatch heroes, I expect her to be a bit overpowered at launch. But, the team will hopefully scale her back.

The first Nexomania event was one of my favorites, with that excellent Garrosh skin. The new ones don’t look quite as good, but I’ll always be excited about wrestling-themed events. The Nexus is also getting some new anomalies that provide buffs for characters while active.

It’s shaping up as another solid Heroes of the Storm event. Of course, it’s hard to be too excited about HotS. After all, Activision Blizzard‘s decision to kill off the eSports scene is still one of the scummiest things they’ve ever done. And that’s saying something given their recent history.

That said, I can’t help but continue to enjoy hopping back in from time-to-time. It’s my video game comfort food, so I’m also a little happy when the team drops new content.

Heroes of the Storm is available on PC. Check out the Nexomania II trailer below.


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