Heroes of the Storm New Ranked System Revealed

Despite the unfortunate events of the last year, the Heroes of the Storm new ranked system is bringing some life back into Blizzard's MOBA.

July 29, 2019

Blizzard Entertainment’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm has gone through quite a few changes the past year. Despite those unfortunate events, the team behind the game are still bringing new features in the game. This includes the Heroes of the Storm new ranked system that brings a ton of changes to the game’s competitive mode.

Available to check out on Tuesday, August 6 at 11 am PT, Storm League Season 1 will be changing the game quite literally. With the upcoming update, the Ranked Points you garner are directly mapped to your MMR (matchmaking rating). This means that your Rank will not be considered in the matchmaking process. If you leave a Ranked Match Lobby or Game, you will receive a 500 Rank Point penalty.


A facet many competitive HotS players will love is the significant decrease of placement matches you have to play to start your Storm League career. Rather than the 10 matches players have become accustom to, you will only need to play three now to find out what Rank you are placed in. Speaking of Rank, there will no longer be Promotion and Demotion games. Instead, you will “seamlessly transition” into Leagues and Divisions as you play.

Lastly, how you will receive your Ranked Seasonal Rewards will change in Ranked play has changed. There will now be a Ranked Seasonal Questline available every season to all players who participate in the Storm League. Completing this questline is required in order to receive your rewards, as well as be eligible for the Grand Master Leaderboards.

The rest of the changes to the Heroes of the Storm new ranked system can be seen below if you want to see everything the Storm League will have to offer. Alongside the Ranked Season changes, a new hero will be joining Blizzard’s evergrowing universe. Similar to Orphea, Qhira is a brand new character from the Nexus universe that will be introduced in HotS.

RANKED SEASON CHANGES – Storm League Season 1

  • Ranked Points are now directly mapped to a player’s Storm League MMR.
    • Rank is no longer considered by the matchmaker.
    • Leaving a Ranked Match Lobby or Game results in a 500 Rank Point penalty which can be slowly regained in future matches.
  • Placement Matches have been reduced from 10 to 3.
  • Promotion and Demotion games have been removed and players will seamlessly transition through Leagues and Divisions.
    • The MMR range has been rebuilt and remapped to handle this.
  • A Team Leader (banning player in Ranked Draft) is selected on the highest Rank for placed players, or MMR for unplaced ones. In mixed teams, placed players have priority.
  • Rank Decay has been adjusted
    • Only players that are Diamond 5 or higher and that have finished their Placement Matches are eligible for decay
    • If a player’s decay timer is less than 3 days, it resets to 3 days upon playing a Storm League game. If the timer is at or above 3 days, players will gain an additional grace day for each game played (up to a maximum of 30).
  • A Ranked Seasonal Questline is now available to players
    • This Questline will be available each Season and must be completed in order to be eligible for both the Ranked Seasonal Rewards and the Grand Master Leaderboards.
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