Heroes of the Storm Not Receiving Spectate Mode Soon, Hope to Release Lunara This Year

on December 12, 2015 2:18 PM

Dustin Browder answered a lot of fan questions on Twitter yesterday morning about Heroes of the Storm, Blizzards foray into the MOBA genre.

The top tweet was about two characters he would personally like to see added to the roster: Snake Sanders (from Rock n’ Roll Racing on the SNES) and Alarak (leader of the Tal’darim in StarCraft 2)

Next up was a time frame for the release of Lunara, a ranged assassin from the Warcraft franchise. Browder hopes to have her out “this year.”

With the recent release of StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void, a fan questioned “spoiler skins” related to the final chapter of StarCraft 2‘s story as well as Diablo III, which Browder was not opposed to.

A good player upvote system is being planned to reward good team players, but is not currently being worked.

Bad news for those who enjoy spectating matches, as Heroes of the Storm will not be receiving that feature for quite some time.

Some heroes may also be receiving subroles in a future update, as it is something Browder would like to see.

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