Heroes of the Storm Reveals Original Character Orphea to the Nexus

The newest mid-range assassin hero for Heroes of the Storm, Orphea, has been revealed as well as a tease of what's to come for Blizzard's MOBA.

November 2, 2018

Today, during the BlizzCon opening ceremony, Blizzard Entertainment revealed Orphea, a brand new hero joining the Heroes of the Storm roster.

Orphea is the newest character specifically created for Heroes of the Storm. In the video showcased at the Blizzard-centric event, the new character walks up to a building where the Raven Lord appears. The two seem to be connected by some dark past that involves the people she loves. She begins to fight using Death Magic. The video then transitions to actual gameplay where we see her in action.

The hero spotlight video gives a bit more detail about the mid-range assassin. Orphea’s strengths include damage, zone control, sustain, and dueling; her weaknesses include poke and crowd control attacks. You can check out the full details in the video below.


Additionally, Blizzard gave a sneak peek what of what they have to offer within the next couple of weeks such as the janitor Leoric skin and an announcer pack that features the voice of Kevin from the dev team.

In other Heroes of the Storm news, you can check out our interview with HeroesHearth Esports’ Khroen and the Leftovers’ Mopsio to see how they felt going into the opening week of BlizzCon competition as well as dealing with the pressure of performing well.

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