Heroes of the Storm Brings Warcraft’s Draenei Paladin Yrel to the Nexus

Heroes of the Storm Brings Warcraft’s Draenei Paladin Yrel to the Nexus

Blizzard reveals that the Draenei paladin Yrel and Alterac Pass will be the next hero and battleground for Heroes of the Storm.

A few days back, it was announced that the newest hero and battleground for Blizzard’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm would be revealed on the game’s Twitch channel. Today, Lead Content Designer Matt Cooper and Lead Hero Designer Matt Villers dropped the curtain and unveiled that the next hero and battleground will be Yrel and Alterac Pass, both from the Warcraft universe.

The Draenei paladin Yrel is a melee tank with hard-hitting abilities, rewarding players who can properly time her attacks. All of her basic abilities — which include Vindication, Righteous Hammer, and Avenging Wrath — are channeled, charging the ability to max will give you the most effective result; pressing the ability’s hotkey again will activate it. Her trait, Divine Purpose allows you to instantly charge her next basic ability at no mana cost allowing the player to get out of sticky situations or engage the enemy for the kill.

Yrel has two heroic abilities. The first, Ardent Defender, will activate a shield that will absorb incoming attacks and heal her for fifty percent of the dealt damage. You will also be able to cast your basic abilities while Ardent Defender is activated. The second, Sacred Ground, will spawn a ring where she gains 40 armor until she either leaves or is forced out of the area.

The new battleground, Alterac Pass, spices things up with a new win condition. In place of the structural core that is traditionally found on each end of the map, two leaders take its place; on the side of the Alliance is General Vanndar Stormpike and on the side of the Horde is General Drek’thar. Players will have to make their way across one of the three lanes to fight and, hopefully, defeat the opposition’s leader. As you make your way through Alterac Pass, you’ll destroy keeps which will reduce the enemy leader’s armor, giving you a slight advantage when you go face-to-face with them.

Preview videos — which can be seen below — explain everything you need to know about Yrel and Alterac Pass and also give you a taste of what to expect. The hero will be playable on June 12 and the battleground will be available on June 19.

Additionally, a new event was announced that celebrates the release of the new hero and battleground. Echoes of Alterac will begin June 12 — right after the current event, Nexomania — and end on July 9. Horde and Alliance-themed skins will be available for select characters, as well as new portraits, sprays, and mounts. During this period, Warcraft Reinforcement Chests will be obtainable guaranteeing a Warcraft hero with a rarity of epic or higher.

If you cannot wait to play Heroes of the Storm‘s new content, it is currently playable on the game’s Public Test Realm server. It will be available to try out until June 11.