Heroes of the Storm’s First Ranged Warrior Rexxar Gets Spotlight Video

on September 6, 2015 3:20 PM

The newest addition to Heroes of the Storm‘s lineup of iconic Blizzard characters is Rexxar, a half orc, half ogre ranged warrior. As highlighted in the gameplay video below, Rexxar’s unique feature is the bear companion Misha. She can be commanded separately from Rexxar, and deals out melee damage while Rexxar throws axes from behind. Misha has two commands to follow: attack, or follow to stay out of harms way. Rexxar is great for taking out mercenary camps as Misha can absorb most damage as Rexxar attacks from afar. Rexxar also has his own group of abilities:

  • Spirit Swoop: straight line that slows and damages enemies
  • Misha, Charge!: straight line charge that stuns enemies
  • Mend Pet: heals Misha and has short cooldown
  • Bestial Wrath: buffs Misha’s attack damage
  • Unleash the Boars: lets loose boars that home in on enemy Heroes and will reveal and stun them

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