Heroes of the Storm Featured Holiday Event is Snow Brawl

on December 24, 2016 1:18 PM

Heroes of the Storm has introduced its weekly Brawl of the Week with a holiday theme: Snow Brawl. In this mode players must pick from three randomly selected heroes in thirty seconds. The map is set to Cursed Hollow. Heroes can only hold one of two snowball types at a time: Fluffy and Heavy.

Fluffy are speedy and ignore minions and structures in its trajectory. Once hit the target is knocked back and dealt significant damage. Heavy is an AOE explosion and deals more damage to non-Heroic targets. All targets are slowed by 60% which decays over 2 seconds.

Tributes are on a timer and two spawn together, one five seconds after the other. Once a player picks up a tribute another will spawn somewhere after five seconds. This will continue until a team is cursed, and there will never be enough tributes to allow both teams to be cursed at the same time. Tributes won’t spawn during a curse or a minute after a curse. Matches are still won by destroying the opposing team’s core.

Three complete matches of Snow Brawl will net you 1,000 Gold and a specialized holiday portrait, seen below.

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