Hasbro and Avalon Hill Appear to be Teasing a HeroQuest Revival

HeroQuest is set to get some type of announcement on September 22. Fingers crossed for a brand new remake from the team at Avalon Hill.

Old-school board gaming fans will fondly remember HeroQuest as a fun take on a Dungeons & Dragons-lite game from Milton Bradley. In many ways, the game set the table for games like Descent and even Gloomhaven. There were dungeon-crawlers before HeroQuest, but its influence is still massive on the board gaming community. And now, things appear to be heating up for a revival from Hasbro and Avalon Hill. The duo posted a new countdown website that culminates on September 22.

This is quite the turn for a franchise long left dormant. Earlier this year, Restoration Games filed a trademark for HeroQuest: Legacies, which suggested something might be up. After all, Restoration is all about taking great old games and modernizing them. They’ve already had massive success with games like Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar and Return to Dark Tower.

However, this new development doesn’t seem to have Restoration’s name on it. Hasbro just took over management of Avalon Hill from Wizard of the Coast earlier this week. This appears to be the first game from the new partnership. Avalon Hill does have some solid experience adapting old games. Just look at how much they’ve done with Betrayal at House on the Hill over the years.

Regardless of who’s working on this new HeroQuest project, I think it’s safe to get excited. The game has so much history behind it and routinely shows up on most-requested remake lists. We’ll know more very soon. Make sure to check back on September 22 and see what’s happening with HeroQuest.

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