HeroQuest Relaunch Hits Hasbro's In-House Crowdfunding Platform

HeroQuest launches a new crowdfunding campaign on Hasbro's in-house Pulse platform. If you're in the market for a massive, mini-filled game this might work.

HeroQuest is one of the granddaddies of dungeon-crawling board games. The original game released way back in 1989 and has helped shape the industry in a major way. And now, Hasbro is finally bringing the property back. You’re just going to need to pay a premium to get it. You can grab the relaunch on Hasbro’s in-house crowdfunding platform Pulse starting at $100. For the full experience, you’ll have to drop $150 on that bad boy.

The HeroQuest base game comes with 76 total miniatures, which is likely the biggest reason for that hefty price point. Getting the “Mythic” edition adds several new minis between two separate expansion boxes. The core systems remain mostly the same, but they’ve been updated a bit to bring them in line with modern design.

Most interestingly, the campaign has a goal of one million dollars. Most board games on Kickstarter begin with a relatively modest starting goal to guarantee it’s successful. Even something like Frosthaven, which is the most-funded board game project ever, only had an initial goal of $500,000. They blew past that incredibly quickly because it’s the sequel to the highest-ranked board game on Board Game Geek.

HeroQuest, on the other hand, is relying heavily on a nostagliac brand name and fancy components. I’m not saying they won’t hit that million dollar goal, but it certainly more ambitious than most games I’m used to seeing. As of this writing, they’re about a fourth of the way there with tons of time still to go. So, they will almost certainly get there. I just wonder if they’ll get anywhere near some of the biggest Kickstarter projects.

HeroQuest is available to back now on Pulse. The campaign lasts for 45 more days, so you have plenty of time to check some of those gorgeous minis out.

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