A Hero’s Call Meets Kickstarter Funding Goal in Two Days

A Hero’s Call Meets Kickstarter Funding Goal in Two Days

The Kickstarter campaign for Out of Sight Games’ accessible fantasy RPG A Hero’s Call has been fully funded.

The success comes after an outpouring of support from fans. The game’s relatively tiny end stretch goal of $2,850 has been surpassed within 48 hours of the campaign’s launch, with funding sitting at $3,023 at the time of this writing.

Interestingly, no game-play has been revealed for the title but the video released features some of the voice work that will go into the game and a word from developer. The developers of A Hero’s Call have lost their vision, but are creating the title to be as fun for sighted players as non-sighted players. On the campaign’s success they stated:

We never really had much of an expectation for how this Kickstarter would go, but suffice to say that we never would’ve thought it would be nearly funded within the first day! We are just over 30 hours into the campaign now, and are already at 89% of our goal. We are stunned and grateful.

This is a project that obviously means something to quite a few of you–enough that you are willing to contribute to it on little more than a brief trailer, a demo, and our word. That is simply amazing, and we couldn’t feel more honored to be making A Hero’s Call for you. It has strengthened our conviction to make the most engaging, dynamic, and fun experience that we possibly can.

The campaign will continue until Friday, February 3rd. You can pledge your support here.