Herotopia MMO Helps Kids Deal With Bullies

Herotopia MMO Helps Kids Deal With Bullies


Video games have a reputation in certain circles for promoting bad behavior and are blamed for all sorts of horrible things that go on in the world. A lot of games are targeted towards kids however, but while these are often much more light-hearted and age appropriate, they rarely offer something more than an entertaining past time.

Herotopia is an MMORPG with a focus on teaching kids how to deal with bullies, under the guise of them playing as Superheroes. The premise seems a lot like something like DCUO or Champions Online, but with more focus on learning. Effectively dealing with a bully in the game actually has the chance to turn them into a fellow Superhero, which is a wonderful idea. I certainly remember creating Superheroes with my friends as a kid, including detailed charts with our powers, weaknesses and origins. I would have jumped all over a game like this, and I imagine today’s youth will as well.

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