Hex: Card Clash Launches for PlayStation 4 on September 19

Hex Entertainment's trading card game, Hex: Card Clash, is coming to PlayStation 4 with up to $5000 in cash prizes, and cross-play with PC.

Hex Entertainment’s digital trading card game, Hex: Card Clash, is tapping its way to PlayStation 4 this month. If you’re good enough, you may earn yourself a good amount of cash in the process.

Hex: Card Clash features over 1800 playable cards to modify, and create your own unique deck. Take your arsenal of cards through competitive or playful matches against friends or other players from around the globe. The digital trading card game will be cross-play with the PC version, Hex: Shards of Fate.

The game’s Dueling Pit mode takes you straight to the action allowing you to test five different pre-made decks against players or AI opponents. After you have found a set that caters to your playing style, you’ll be able to keep it for free. This deck can act as a base to create a more powerful deck that can hold its own in competitive play.

Hex: Card Clash will allow players to climb two different ladders starting at the low Bronze tier to the glorious Cosmic tier. The first ladder gives users the opportunity to flaunt their custom decks; the second requires players to draft cards from sealed packs to create a competitive arsenal on the fly. Making it to the Cosmic tier will grant access to the Cosmic Crown Showdown which has a $5000 cash prize for the winner.

Those who may not deem themselves skillful enough to reach the illustrious top tier are in luck. Hex Entertainment holds two different tournaments, both with $1000 cash prizes. Similar to the aforementioned ladders, Hex Bash requires your own cards, while Hex Clash allows you to create a deck on the fly from a limited pool. Whether you win or lose, the cards you acquire are yours to keep.

Hex: Card Clash will launch for PlayStation 4 on September 19. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse of the trading card game in action:

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