Hex Gambit Announced for Nintendo Switch

Hex Gambit Announced for Nintendo Switch

Fast-paced strategy game Hex Gambit has been announced for the Nintendo Switch.

One Man Left Studios announced that it would be adding Nintendo Switch as a reward option on its Kickstarter title Hex Gambit. 

The announcement came via a blog post on the studios’ official website. The following post from developer Adam Stewart reads:

Alex and I are extremely excited to announce that Hex Gambit will be targeting both Steam and the Nintendo Switch™ console on launch day next year. The Nintendo Switch™ is a perfect fit for our multiplayer focus, allowing you to easily gather friends around the TV for a couple of matches, or knock out a few turns while you’re out doing your thing. We can’t wait to pass some Joy-Con™ controllers around the living room and make Hex Gambit a game night staple!

Hex Gambit is a fast-paced strategy game that has players customizing small teams of minions for battle. You’ll be able to choose different minions based on your own play style, meaning each team has the potential to be completely unique from another player’s.

The game will be put on Kickstarter sometime later this month. If you’d like to keep up with Hex Gambit you can read more about it here. You can also check out a gameplay teaser down below.