Hey Pal, Detective Gumshoe’s Looking Good

Hey Pal, Detective Gumshoe’s Looking Good

The new Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney movie is potentially the most visually-appealing thing I’ve seen in a long time, especially with the casting and costume directors’ attention to detail.

Check out after the cut for production stills of some of the minor characters from the movie, set to premier in Japan on February 11.

width="505"Gumshoe, for instance, could be a tad bit beefier but otherwise looks like he stepped straight from the first game, bandage and all.


Larry Butz looks pretty spot-on to me. He was my favorite character in the first game, I must admit, so I cannot wait to see him done in a live-action.

width="505"Up next is the lovely Lotta Hart, with an afro  which is a thing of true beauty.

width="505"Manfred von Karma, who is a little short and somewhat wide in the face. Fortunately, my urge to punch it remains, so it’s still a very good casting job.

width="505"The judge, with his beard looking majestic as usual.

width="505"Edgeworth, who was probably picked for the sneer alone.

width="505"Misty Fey, the priestess from the past, who I hardly remember to be honest, looking suitably awesome and slightly scary.

width="505"My one complaint with Mia Fey is that she’s supposed to be very chesty, but otherwise I think she looks great.

width="505"Lastly, they did a great job with Maya Fey’s outfit, though I feel she looks older than the 17-year-old she’s supposed to be. Granted, the actress is 22, but still.

All in all, I predict my few personal issues are going to be overshadowed by the sheer awesome this movie seems to be promising us all. I guess we’ll have to wait until February to see!

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