Leftovers Defeat Fnatic to Move to 2018 HGC Finals

Leftovers Defeat Fnatic to Move to 2018 HGC Finals

After a 3-1 series win against Fnatic at the Europe HGC Playoffs, Leftovers will advance to the 2018 HGC Finals at BlizzCon.

After four full matches of pro Heroes of the Storm play, Leftovers defeated the top-seeded Fnatic and will now be heading to the 2018 HGC Finals at BlizzCon.

The matchup between the Leftovers and Fnatic is somewhat of an even matchup. Fnatic has the better seeding with only one team to face to progress to the Finals. However, Leftovers have proven they can hang with the best by being the only team to defeat the number one European team, Team Dignitas. Additionally, each time the teams met in the regular season, it went the full five games with each game ending with a different winner. It could have been anyone’s game.

In the end, Leftovers were victorious in a 3-1 series. It was a pretty tight matchup between the two European teams. Most of the matches could have gone both ways. In the end, Leftovers was able to synergize and play more efficiently.

The 2018 HGC Finals will be returning to BlizzCon which is being held in Anaheim, California. During BlizzCon Opening Week, from October 25 to October 28, the best teams in HGC will compete; those who advance will compete to win it all on November 1 and 2.