Hi-Rez Brings the Thunder With Latest Smite Trailer

on September 27, 2012 11:41 PM

Hi-Rez studios today released a new gameplay trailer forSmite,their MOBA title that pits mythological deities against each other. The five-minute trailer, properly titled “Battleground of the Gods” features Odin and Ymir facing against Zeus et al. Normally, team battles that take five minutes would be boring, but obviously the gameplay was adjusted to feature as much of the battle between the Norse and Greek powerhouses.

Smite is for the PC and is currently in beta. New characters come out fairly often. Pick the ancient mythological background that most interests you and run with it as you slay Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, and Norse gods. I wonder if Jesus will be an easter eg–do you ever have that moment where you accidentally make a pun and immediately regret it?

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