Hi-Rez Details SMITE's 2018 Season Ticket Rewards, Adding Skins and In-Game Store

SMITE's 2018 Season Ticket is making a big change for the Spring Split, implementing a new Fantasy Store among other new skins.

By Lou Contaldi

January 22, 2018

In the beginning of any SMITE season, it isn’t any surprise to regular players that they will receive a flurry of news. Whether it is reworking the main conquest map or a list of God rebalances, most of the action and movement on development seem to happen in the beginning of the year. Included in this rework is a change to SMITE‘s 2018 Season Ticket which is getting a large change for the Spring Split.

For those out of the loop, Season Tickets in SMITE are a way for Hi-Rez to encourage people to follow the eSports scene. Along with creating quests and rewards for collecting “Fantasy Points,” players are encouraged to vote on (and watch) eSports matches throughout the year. But even to those who don’t follow eSports reap the benefits — Fantasy Points are unlocked by just playing games, and access to reap the rewards for free.

The Spring Split (the first of three sessions per year for the season ticket) will have the following rewards up for grabs:

  1. Cutesy Chest — 915 FP
  2. Enigma Chest — 2206 FP
  3. Beam Me Up — 3496 FP
  4. Cool Dude Jump Stamp — 4786 FP
  5. Enigma Chest — 6077 FP
  6. Enigma Chest — 7367 FP
  7. Cool Dude Global Emote — 8657 FP
  8. Athena (God Skin – Armor Knight) — 9948 FP
  9. Demonic Thanatos — 80000 FP

It has also been noted that more rewards will be announced soon.

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Also new to this season, Hi-Rez in including a new Fantasy Point Store. Throughout 2018, players will be able to use their accumulated Fantasy Points to buy limited items. It isn’t immediately clear if using FP will hinder your progress towards the next level of rewards, or if it will count the total FP collected regardless of being spent.

While participating in the Season Ticket is completely free, you can grab the Spring Split for 400 Gems (roughly $8) which give you the following benefits:

  • Star Salvager Skadi Limited Edition Skin
  • SMITE eSports voting (30 FP with each correct vote)
  • 10 Team Boosters – All Skins
  • Bonus Quests to earn FP
  • 2x FP earned from wins and losses

There is also an option for roughly $23 that gives you all of the above benefits, and 2500 FP.

SMITE is currently available free-to-play for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can check out the skins (mentioned above) in the gallery below:

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