Hidden Agenda Gets a New Dev Diary Video; European Release Pushed to November

Hidden Agenda Gets a New Dev Diary Video; European Release Pushed to November

The PS4 crime thriller Hidden Agenda gets a new video from the developers focusing on two of its game modes, Story and Competitive.

Developer Supermassive Games made waves with its immersive horror title Until Dawn back in 2015, and now through a new developer diary video, players of that title will get to experience the next narrative-focused adventure that the studio is coming up with called Hidden Agenda.

A new developer diary video has been released by Sony for the upcoming Hidden Agenda, which is part of the new “PlayLink” line of titles coming to PS4 that integrates “social gaming” into various easy, pick-up-and-play titles on the PS4.

Specifically, the new video focuses on the game’s Story and Competitive modes that alters the crime thriller game’s experience. Story Mode will have players working together to try and solve the mystery, while Competitive Mode will provide each player with a specific, secret objective that’s unknown to the other player, requiring players to bluff or play the game different to try and fulfill your own “hidden agenda.”

In addition to the new trailer, Sony has seemingly confirmed that the title will be pushed back by one month for its European release, as the release date for the title in Europe is now moved to November 22nd, 2017 from its originally-announced date of October 25th, 2017.

Hidden Agenda will release for PS4 on October 24th, 2017 in North America, while the title will arrive on November 22nd, 2017 in Europe. For a closer look at the upcoming title, you can check out the full developer diary video below: