Hidden Agenda Launch Trailer Revealed Alongside the Game's Release

Supermassive Games' newest thriller Hidden Agenda launches today alongside a new trailer flaunting its multiplayer gameplay.

Developer Supermassive Games — the creators of the horror game Until Dawn — is bringing a new thrilling and mysterious tale to Sony’s PlayLink lineup of games in the form of Hidden Agenda. Alongside today’s launch, a trailer flaunting the title’s unique gameplay was revealed giving the PlayStation audience a glimpse into the multiplayer party experience.

Hidden Agenda follows Becky Marney and district attorney Felicity Graves as they attempt to unveil the enigmatic serial killer, The Trapper. Similar to Supermassive Games’ previous title, players will be tasked to make tough decisions that will affect the game’s branching storyline.

Similar to other PlayLink titles, Hidden Agenda will allow up to five players to enjoy the game and watch the mystery unfold while using their smartphones to control the action. Each user will have an objective they must work towards. You may find yourself progressing through the game with a like-minded goal or end up pinned against each other.

Hidden Agenda is just one of many PlayLink games available on PlayStation 4. Alongside its release, the SingStar series came back from its three-year hiatus as SingStar Celebration. Additionally, back in July, That’s You! brought a variety of fun mini-games to the popular console that allowed you to use your smartphone to answer questions based on how a particular player would answer.

Hidden Agenda is available on PlayStation 4 right now through the PlayStation Store and retail stores for $19.99. Recently, a dev diary about the title was released focusing on its Story and Competitive modes.

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