Hidden Folks Breaks Even After Only Four Days

Hidden Folks Breaks Even After Only Four Days

As you may know, Hidden Folks from Fingle developer Adriaan de Jongh hit PC and iOS devices last week on, February 15th, for $7.99 USD and $3.99 respectively. Now, the developer has announced that after only four days on the market, the game has broke even, meaning it’s recouped all of its development costs.

The news came from the following tweet by Adriaan de Jongh:

Additionally, as of 18 hours ago, Steamspy reported that Hidden Folks was the #3 trending game on Steam.

For those that don’t know, Hidden Folks is a Where’s Waldo-esq game where you search for hidden folks in hand-drawn, interactive, miniature landscapes. The game boasts 15 plus hand-drawn areas, 120 plus targets to find, 200 unique interactions, a neat sepia and night mode, and sounds effects (over 960 of them) all produced from the developer’s own mouth.

An android version of the game is said to be coming soon.