Hidden Folks Is More Than a ‘Where’s Waldo’ Experience for PC and iOS

Hidden Folks takes the 'Where's Waldo' formula and makes the hunt for folks a little less passive.

on February 10, 2017 8:24 PM

Coming to PC and iOS next week (with an Android version coming soon), Hidden Folks is the latest endeavor by Fingle developer Adriaan de Jongh.

In Hidden Folks, players will be asked to investigate up to fifteen hand-drawn environments in order to find more than 120 different targets and 200 secrets. How is this different from a clone of Where’s WaldoHidden Folks requires that players interact with the environments in a variety of ways in order to find their targets. Chopping shrubbery, sliding doors, and even pestering crocodiles will be necessary to meet the game’s requirements.


According to de Jongh, the game players will be pouring over was the result of two and a half years of collaboration between himself and artist Sylvain Tegroeg.

“Everything in Hidden Folks is drawn by hand, scanned in, placed, layered manually, animated, and scripted. All sounds you’ll hear originate from the developers’ mouths. There are no time limits, no points, just areas with a bunch of folks and objects to be found.”

The game will be available on the App Store for $3.99 and on Steam for $7.99 on February 15.

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