Capcom's Hideaki Itsuno Teases Upcoming Announcement for Currently In-Development Game

Hideaki Itsuno teased his next game and I'm holding out the misguided hope that it's a new Rival Schools title.

January 2, 2021

Longtime Capcom designer and Devil May Cry 5 director Hideaki Itsuno took to Twitter to ring in the new year and drop a tease for his next game currently in development. The tweet was pretty sparse as far as any real details and included a photo of the dev team hard at work on the yet unnamed title. The mystery game in question was apparently being worked on in tandem with the recently released Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition but it is still a ways out before we can get a proper official announcement for what is on the way.

The translated tweet reads as follows:

Hideaki Itsuno: “Happy New Year! Did you play DMC5 SE? If you haven’t got the hardware yet, please try [the] Vergil DLC! The new project under construction in parallel is on track. It’s still a long way off, but stay tuned for the announcement!”


Given that this is on the heels of the recent Capcom leaks that revealed a lot of undisclosed information regarding the studio’s release schedule, the most likely candidate for Itsuno’s next project is potentially the long-gestating Dragon’s Dogma 2The sequel has been rumored for quite a while now and was also seen among the list of upcoming titles coming over the next few years if the leaks are to be believed. It also makes sense due to Itsuno’s history as a director on the first installment as well as holding the role of executive producer on the expanded Dark Arisen edition of the game.

Whatever game is on the way from Hideaki Itsuno and company is left to mostly speculation at this point but it should not be long until we are given an official reveal of what’s to come. The legendary director and designer has worked on many of Capcom’s most beloved franchises such as Street Fighter, Power Stone, and Resident Evil. We’ll all be watching closely over the next few months to see what his team has in store. My fingers are crossed for a new Rival Schools game. One can only hope.


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