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Hideo Kojima Discusses Death Stranding's "Like" System

In a new interview, Hideo Kojima discusses Death Stranding's "like" system and the meaning behind it.

In a new interview with Game Informer, Hideo Kojima explains the “like” system in Death Stranding.

“I had a big argument with the staff, actually,” says Kojima. “In a game, you get more money, or you get more fame, or you get more kudos, right? That’s what game systems now days are about – you want something in return if you do something. At the beginning, the Asian staff said, ‘That’s why I want people to do it in the game.’ So all these staff members said to me, ‘we have to give them kudos points or whatever,’ but that would be like a normal game – any other game. So I said, ‘giving ‘likes’ is giving unconditional love.”‘

Kojima also says he didn’t want to put in a thumbs down feature because he wants to inject some positivity into the game. Additionally, if a post doesn’t have a lot of likes, it might disappear and ones with a lot of likes will stay up.

“But, of course you can see how many likes you get, so that’s maybe a little reward,” Kojima continues. “If you just use [something another player placed], one like will be sent automatically. But also you can send more, like a tip. I don’t want to say I’m brilliant for thinking of this idea, because it’s really a mix of the Japanese way; we don’t have tips, but you know you get really good service in Japan. Whereas in America, there’s a tip system where waiters try their best because they want to be tipped. So it’s a cross-lateral in the game.”

Death Stranding launches on November 8 on PlayStation 4. The game is available for preorder now on Amazon.

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