Hideo Kojima: “Games Have the Power to Surpass Movies and Novels;” Talks About Himself and His Games

Hideo Kojima: “Games Have the Power to Surpass Movies and Novels;” Talks About Himself and His Games

Hideo Kojima talks about himself and his games, encouraging players not to concern themselves with him, but to love the games he makes.

During a stage event from RTX Sydney, Metal Gear Solid Creator Hideo Kojima talked about himself and his games.

Kojima-san feels that both storytelling and technology are important in his games. He feels that games have the power to surpass movies and novels and other dramatic representations, and he likes to incorporate new technologies in his games in order to give players new types of emotions.

He also talked about his personal feelings at his point of time, mentioning that likes to always look towards the future, and at this point in time he is over that rough period he had last year.

He really just loves to create, and when he is deep in the world of his creations, he tunes out the rest of the world.

Kojima-san really doesn’t think about whether he’s happy or not too much, but seeing all the fans before him and those all over the world supporting him even before Death Stranding comes out, makes him extremely happy.

Because he has fans, he can make games. It gives him the power to make the games that he wants to make. Creating something is what makes him happy, so from that perspective he is extremely happy right now, and as long as he is able to continue to create, he’ll continue to be very happy.

Earlier during the event, Kojima-san mentioned that very few people know him, so there are a lot of misconceptions about him floating around. For instance, one of them is that he doesn’t respect production schedules. He is actually very serious about that, as those who aren’t can’t really be creators.

That said, when he was asked to describe himself, he answered:

“Don’t be concerned with me, please just love the things that I make.”

Kojima-san explained what has an impact on people isn’t himself, but the games that he creates. Most people know him through the things that he has made. He actually feels that people don’t really like him, but they like his games, which is why he is going to keep making them until he dies.

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